Coinbase’s crypto debit card is launching in the U.S. and lets users earn back bitcoin

Crypto exchange Coinbase is launching a Visa debit card in the U.S. next year.

Sharing the news with The Block on Wednesday, Coinbase said it opened up a waitlist for U.S. customers who wish to get the card and will start distributing them “in the first half of next year.” Debit cards for Coinbase customers are currently available in the U.K. and EU.

Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrency funds directly from their Coinbase accounts. The card is accepted at any retailer that accepts Visa debit cards.

Notably, the card will come with spending rewards — specifically, U.S. residents can opt to earn 1% back in bitcoin (BTC) or 4% back in Stellar lumens (XLM).

Coinbase said the card’s U.S. launch is a “significant milestone,” as it would help

3 Reasons Some Top Traders Expect Bitcoin Price to Hit $15K in Q3 2020

The Bitcoin (BTC) price surpassed $10,000 on Thursday, completing a V-shape recovery from its fall to $3,600 back in March. Traders believe that the rally is just beginning for the top-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization as a confluence of positive factors is fueling the uptrend. Purely based on technicals, analysts anticipate the Bitcoin price to rise as high as $15,000 by the third quarter of 2020. Historically, $10,000 acted as a psychological level for BTC price. A clean breakout of such an important price level in a short period of time may lead to a renewed upsurge.
Bitcoin price completed a V-shape recovery to $10,000 as crypto traders expect it to reach $15,000 in Q3 2020.

$14,000 to $15,000 is a strong resistance range

Bitcoin breached a multi-year cycle dating back to December 2017. A further leg up towards $10,500 would confirm the start of a new cycle, possibly creating the foundation of another strong rally.

In 2019, the highest point Bitcoin rose to was $14,000 across major exchanges. In December 2017, both monthly candles also closed at the same level, indicating that $14,000 remains as a key resistance level in the medium-term.

If the Bitcoin price surpasses the $10,500 to $11,000 area or consolidates above $9,500, it would set BTC up to test $14,000. Given the tendency of BTC to overextend in the form a long wick often referred to as a blow-off top, there is a chance that it rises to as high as $15,000.